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Discover our range of products for indoor and cliff climbing

The Millet climbing collection will give you the freedom of movement you need to climb safely and enjoyably. These technical products, which combine functionality, comfort and breathability, will accompany you on cliffs, indoors or on boulders. You can also find ropes for all types of climbing.

Find your perfect outfit for your next climbing session. We have a wide range of fast drying synthetic t-shirts and comfortable organic cotton t-shirts, stretchy shorts and pants. Each garment is designed with lightweight and technical materials.

Our climbing shoes have been designed and conceived to perfectly fit the shape of your foot. You can choose a flat or plunging profile, or an asymmetrical or symmetrical shape for an optimal grip.

You also have the choice among all our approach shoes, rather high or low, it's up to you to choose what suits you best to go on your playground.

Finally, our backpacks will complete your equipment to carry everything you need to go cliff climbing or boulder climbing. You will be able to easily carry your rope, booties and backpack, and magnets.

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