The Amuri is engineered for your summer: ventilated and comfortable, it wraps your foot like a climbing shoe. Its style makes it a perfect everyday shoe, while its grip and climbing zone mean you can also perform well on routes!



Over a one-year timeframe, Millet’s designers got together with its climbing team to work on the ideal approach shoe. You’re looking at the result.










A soft, supple interior

For climbers who want to grip the rock

280 g per pair (men’s size 8)

A shape that hugs the contours of your foot

Just one word this summer: breathability

Want to know how we managed to create such a technical and stylish shoe? The secret is combining Matryx® fabric and a 4PointsGripTM outsole – not forgetting the know-how of Millet’s designers!






4 Points GripTMoutsole
The Amuri’s outsole is built from the same rubber as Millet climbing shoes, to deliver ideal grip on rock. The climbing zone is smooth to promote adhesion.
Matryx® Fabric
Made in France
A unique weaving process that integrates kevlar threads produces a supple and lightweight fabric that lets air through while offering high abrasion resistance.