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To achieve the quality and performance required in the sometimes extreme conditions our products face, we test them stringently in our own quality testing lab.

We put fabrics through a series of mechanical strength (friction, tensile, and tear strength), water resistance (waterproofing, water repellency), and color fastness tests before approving them for use.
“Our products are designed to support users for as long as possible, even in the most extreme conditions, while having a smaller impact on the environment.” - Déodat Bonneaux (Head, Millet Test Laboratory)
The work done in our lab ensures that the materials used in our products are dependable and high-performing, so that they best meet the high requirements of our consumers – from amateur athletes to professionals working daily in the mountains.

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Repairing service
Our repairing service
To support and extend the life of these products, Millet has since 2005 provided a dedicated repair service in our workroom in Annecy-le-Vieux, where all products returned to our after-sales service are processed and repaired.
This service strives to restore your product’s condition and extend its life, by resolving any quality issues (under warranty) or mishaps that occur during use (tearing not covered by the warranty).

Lastly, to increase our products’ performance and life and thus prolong your enjoyment of your favourite activities, we invite you to follow our simple care recommendations: see the video below (English subtitles) or our dedicated web page (



Care products powerfull and eco-friendly
To give you the best advice, we work with our local partner NST, based in Haute Savoie, who make efficient, eco-friendly care and reproofing products.
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