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Cervino mountain guides

Numbers of guides: 56

Number of guide days per year: 500

The youngest guide: 27 years old

The oldest guide: 92 years old (no more in activity)

MILLET is continuing to write the history of mountaineering as it recreates the mythical Alpine Trilogy by equipping the three most prestigious guides companies in the Alps who work on the three most emblematic mountains: Mont-Blanc, Eiger and Matterhorn.

The race to conquer Matterhorn at the origin of the creation of the company.

It’s a story of achievement and national belongingness which is at the origins of the Cervinia Guides Company, created so in 1865. One of the most important mountains for the history of alpinism is the iconic Cervino (Matterhorn for the swiss). Not everyone knows about the incredible story of the conquest of this mountain. After a fair but hard struggle between the swiss team from Zermatt, led by the English alpinist Edward Whymper, and the Italian team led by Jean-Antoine Carrel, on14th July 1865 the swiss team reached the top, followed two days later by the Italian one.
Laurent Nicoletta
"We are delighted that Millet thought of our Matterhorn Guides Company to form this tremendous trilogy, which brings together three of the most prestigious guides companies from three countries, each associated with a legendary peak that has marked the history of mountaineering. We hope that this new collaboration between Millet and the Matterhorn Guides will grow ever stronger over time, and give rise to new projects and adventures on our mountains."
Laurent Nicoletta, president of the Cervinia Guides