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We find meaning in manufacturing only the best, most durable, and low-impact products minimizing the impact of production on the environment and mankind, to pursue our favorite outdoor activities. A product should only exist to meet specific needs. To carry sustainability and ethics, and to create a closed-loop system, a product should be engineered with a complete lifecycle in mind.

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As early as the design stage, before selecting materials and maximizing their durability, we measure the impact of the products on climate change, water eutrophication, or soil ecotoxicology, using lifecycle analysis.

In 2022, we will offer a selection of products with a 3-year guaranteed minimal stock availability as part of our collections. This is the first step of our commitment to run collections on an annual basis.

  • These are versatile products that meet a broader range of consumers and needs.
  • They are timeless so you will want to wear them often and keep them for as long as possible!
  • No special sales or price offers inducing shopping, but year-long stability./li>
  • Managed on an annual basis, this production of carry-over products helps to keep inventory and fabrics scraps to a minimum, and thus, reduce the overall footprint of our production all the while ensuring stock availability to our customers.

33% of our products are part of a collection run on an annual basis. Hence, 2021 products will be carried over in 2022.


The style, durability, and environmental impact of our products depend on the materials they are made of.

Our goal: 100% renewable or low-impact source materials in 2030.


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48% of the materials we use comes from renewable or low-impact sources.

81% of our environmental impact comes from the production of finished goods and raw materials.


Finished goods

Since 2013, we use an internal label called Low Impact, highlighting our most responsible product designs.

Starting 2021, we have extended our commitment to Low Impact, replacing our former label with a comprehensive approach to the transparency of our supply chain for our customers and end consumers.

This label will be replaced by a single hangtag attached to all products, featuring a QR code to allow consumers to search for product-specific information, environmental and social arguments as well as the brand’s full CSR strategy:

As soon as 2022, our communication will be made fully transparent so you can find out all about each product:


In order to select the most resisting and durable fabrics for our products, we perform testing in our own laboratory, every season. We test the wear and tear resistance, or waterproofness of each product.

100% of the fabrics developed by our team are tested in our own lab to guarantee flawless durability.


Product care

The consumer must pay attention to the care instructions attached to each product type in order to maximize its performance and lifetime.

Find out the recommended care instructions!


One of our goal is to provide a repair solution for all the products we sell.

Right now, all apparel, backpacks and sleeping bags can be repaired in our own facilities in Annecy where Valérie and her team work at resolving any quality issues via product support (under warranty) and restoring products’ condition to extend their life (out of warranty and at a low price).

Most footwear is also repairable through a network of authorized specialists. Contact us for more information.

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Second hand

Our products are built to last. We encourage you to wear them for as long as possible to reduce the impact of their production on the environment. However, should you choose to get rid of a product, we suggest you give them to family or friends, or sell them to a second hand store, if they are still usable that is.


We take part in the responsibility of the products at end of life, so we bring a solution to collect, reuse, and even recycle component materials. To work in a circular system, we repair or donate to different associations and we work cooperatively with companies bringing apparel recycling solutions in France and Europe.

In 2020, on the totality of the products under warranty we received, 30% could be repaired in-house in Annecy.

The balance was sent to a partner who handles them as follows:

  • 24,5% was repaired and reused
  • 21% was sent to a recycling facilit
  • 24,5% was not usable so it was incinerated as waste
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