Alessandro Beber

Italian nationality
34 years old
I work full-time as Mountain Guide, from Garda lake to Dolomites, following best activities for each season. I think i'll never be able to choose what I like more... Ski, Ice or Rock climbing, are all a unique pretest to live great adventures in the mountains.
« Ski, Ice or Rock climbing, are all a unique pretest to live great adventures in the mountains. »
 The project “Dolo-Mitiche” : a long tour on the most famous and difficult routes of Dolomites, forgathering every time with great alpinist who climbed them first.
+ What are the 3 most beautiful routes you achieved ?

“Specchio di Sara“ - south face of Marmolada, Dolomites

“Supermatita” - east face of Sass Maor, Dolomites

“Nord-East Butress” - Kaga Tondo, Mali

+ Who do you prefer mountaineering with ?
I have a lot of friends I share my adventures with
+ Your best time in mountain ?
Probably when I climbed “Nuvole Barocche” on the North-West face of M.Civetta: it was my first really difficult route, and also my first hanged-bivouac! An unforgettable experience...
+ And the worst ?
A desperate decampment under an awesome storm, always in Dolomites...
+ What do you like to do when you’re not mountaineering ?
I spend my time with the family, playing with my baby.
+ What’s your involvement with the Millet design center ?
Till now I'm not involved anyhow, but I've some ideas about technical equipment: I wait your call !!
+ How do you feel mountaineering will evolve in the next years ?
Really hard to say... on one hand Mountaineering is becoming a very popular activity, but I hope there will rest a minority of fanatic-dreamers to explore new frontiers of Alpinism.