Eva Walkner

Austrian Nationality
41 years old
I'm a professional freeskier born and living in the Austrian Alps. Since I´m 36 years old and I ski every possible day. Skiing is my biggest passion.
« The ups aren't that great without the downs »
- 2016 Freeride World Champion

- Ski Trip to Iran and Kashmir

- 2015 Freeride World Champion

- For many years she was a part of the Austrian Ski Team. She entered her first World Cup Race in St. Anton/Arlberg, when she was 18. Affected by many injuries she had to stop racing when she was 23. One door closed but the other opened. She did an education as a sports journalist and worked as a TV editor. After she started with Freeriding and within a very short time, she won her first competitions and was qualified for the Freeride World Tour. Since 2010 she’s a part of the World Tour Family. Accompanied by ups and downs - BUT, the ups are not that great without the downs.

+ What are your 3 most beautiful achievements in ski ?

There are a lot of great moments! Of course, winning the Freeride World Tour was one of the greatest moment, especially after a 2 year injury break. I also liked the ski trips to Iran and Kashmir. But I hope a lot of great achievements are still waiting for me in the future :)

+ Who do you prefer skiing with ?
With friends. It´s important to have fun and enjoying the mountains and it´s better to enjoy it together with your closest buddies.
+ The best time you had while skiing ?
Every day is a great day out in the mountains. There are to many great times to choose one. Every day is different and full of challenges, inspiration and fun. Skiing always means a great time.
+ What it means for you to be in the Millet Team?
Millet fits perfect for what I´m doing. Never before i was wearing such high quality products. For me as a women the style is also important, Millet combine both awesome quality and a great style. Things need to work on the mountains. If your clothes are perfect it makes things much easier.
+ How would you describe the brand with few words?
Highest Quality. Made with the feedback from the best Athletes, you can see and feel that! Great style! Lot and very long experience and trust.
+ What are the most important points when choosing the clothing sponsoring, what kind of demands have to be fulfilled ?
First of all, the clothing brand has to fit with my sport! The products have to work perfect on the mountains. For me it is important to stand 100% behind the brand I´m working with. It´s also about respect on both sides, motivation and ideas for new and great projects and i think with the Millet Team we can realize amazing things.
+ How are you feeling for the coming season and what are your goals for the season and for the projects you have for the coming winter 15/16 ?
Of course i wanna defend my world champion title. There can be only one goal, another title. But I´m not putting pressure on myself. I´ve a lot of other really cool projects. Filming a documentary in Alaska, filming for another project in Europe and i wanna explore the Grindelwald area a bit better. My goal is to move a little bit more into steep skiing and alpinism - that´s a big challenge for me. I always have a very busy winter with my projects so I hope for a great and long winter :)