Inka Bellés

Spanish nationality
26 years old
Enthusiastic and persuasive skier, Inka is the youngest athlete of the Millet ski mountainering team. She's very competitive and have a true potential.
« Ski moutaineering  faced a fast evolution in the last years.  It was, few yearsago pretty unknown and is now counting more more players. »

Inka started ski mountaineering at the age of 8, initiated by her parents that are practicing this sports. She strated competing in 2010 when she entered in the national spanich team. since then she kept on racticing and competing on International contest such as the Pierra Menta in the Junior cathegory.

This year she enter the cathegory "under 23 years old". So she will be facing lots of change, on the races profil she will run and  on the profil of her competitors.

+ What are your three finest skiing achievements ?
  • Junior Sprint world Champion 2013
  • 2nd  Junior World Cup 2013
  • 1st Junior et Pierra Menta 2013
+ Who do you prefer skiing with ?
In our sports there is a really good ambiance between all the competitors. I like to ski with my friends and family that I'am in Andorra or in Font Romeu, the place I live most of the winter. My favorites partners stays the Millet Spanish ski mountaineering team whith who I did some unforgetable excursion at the end of last season.
+ Your best experience, high up ?

My best experience was the Pierrra Menta in 2013 when I was in team with Alba de Silvestro. I loved tarvelled through the Beaufortain mountains and its wonderfull landscape with the exceptional atmosphere specific of this mythic competition.

The "Grand Mont" traverse under the cheering of hundred persons was amaizing and this moment will be engraved in my memory forever.

+ And the worst ?
I haven't really faced bad experience in particular, I always think there is positive aspects in every experience, even the bad ones. We practice a sports in an evironment that constantly change and fighting against cold, bad weather and adversity is not always easy.
+ What do you like doing when you’re not skiing ?

During the season, between the trainings and my classes at the University, I don't have much time left. The little I have, I usually spent it with my family and friends, cooking, reading among other things.

In summer I enjoy my free time to go travel and practice other sports such as biking and trail running. I really enjoy those sports that are complementary to ski mountaineering.

+ What’s your involvement with the Millet Design Centre and in product development generally ?
I test the equipment and give my opinion about the products regarding their reaction to humidity, snow, cold and their life cycle in the time; as I am an "every day user". As Millet athlete we also try prototypes and give feedbacks in order to adapt the product to our needs.
+ How do you see your discipline evolving in the next few years ?

Ski moutaineering  faced a fast evolution in the last years.  It was, few yearsago pretty unknown and is now counting more more players.

Regarding the evolution of the equipment, I think it will follow the evolution of the last years towards lighters and resistant equipment.

On the competition side, it's been a few years that we dream to see our sports at the Olympuics Game and wish it will happen one day. For the moment the discipline is getting better known and broadcasted.