Jean Annequin

French nationality
49 years old
High Mountain guide for 22 years, he also teaches guiding at France’s National Skiing and Mountaineering School (ENSA) in Chamonix.
« The guiding principle of my expeditions is to keep opening my eyes to go where few people have been.  »

In recent years, I’ve had the chance to go:

-       ski-crossing in Greenland

-       ski-touring in Iran, Lebanon, Mongolia, Argentina and Canada

-       climbing in the Yukon (Lotus Flower Tower), Jordan and Oman

-       exploring the high peaks of Sezchuan province, Kula Kangri in Tibet, and Langtang Ri in Nepal.


+ What are your three finest achievements in the mountains? : 
I don’t think any of them is really the finest, but it’s true that my experiences on Mount Kamet (7,756m) in India, ski-touring in the Zagros range in Iran, and climbing the Lotus Flower Tower in the Yukon were truly magical.
+ Who do you prefer practising alpinism with? :
Taking people to the four corners of the world means agreeing to climb with different people. But I particularly like heading off with Simon Destombes and Matthieu “Mamat” Berlioz, who are also high-mountain guides. 
+ What do you like to do when you’re not in the mountains? : 
Dreaming about future projects. Reading.
+ What’s your involvement with the Millet Design Centre and in product development generally? : 
On each trip, I leave with products undergoing development. It’s interesting to use these trips to align technical needs with field requirements – for example, to help evolving the new Everest high-altitude boots.
+How do you see your discipline evolving in the next few years? :

What I really like is discovering summits and places. The highest and hardest don’t interest me. There’s something alienating about being first or fastest. The guiding principle of my expeditions is to keep opening my eyes to go where few people have been.