Mathieu Bouyoud

French nationality
28 years old
Employee in the company "Grimpomania" and holder of a state diploma in climbing, Mathieu is a climber open to encounters and the world. Versatile and very active, he prefers to open and then execute long routes rather than “simply” repeat existing ones. “Outdoor climbing is almost like a drug”, he says, “and there are more and more addicts...”
« Outdoor climbing is almost like a drug, and there are more and more addicts... »
2nd in the French Cup event in Chambéry, 2012
3rd in the overall rankings of the 2011 French Cup (senior category).
Several 2nd places in European Cup youth-category events (Imst, Kranj, Linz).
Sports climbs
« Deep Spot » 9a+ at La Balme de Yenne (Savoie, France)
« Apocalypse Now » 9a at La Balme de Yenne (Savoie, France)
« Balmophilie » 9a at La Balme de Yenne (Savoie, France)
« Era bella » 9a at Margalef (Catalogne, Spain)
« Celedon » 9a at Lluardia (Pays Basque, Spain)
« Moksha » 9a at Pic St Loup (Hérault, France)
« Supernowa » 9a at Vadiello (Aragon, Spain)
« Classée dure » 9a in La Balme de Yenne (Savoie, France)

« Shortcut » 9a in La Balme de Yenne (Savoie, France )
« Fabela pa la enmienda » 9a in Santa Linya (Catalogne, Espagne)
« Histerija » 8c+ in Misja Pec (OSP, Slovénie)

"Titan" 9a at la Balme de Yenne
"Super Size" 9a at Balme de Yenne
"Odin's Eyes" 8c+ at Flatanger, Noerway

More than 1200 routes in the 8th degree and more than 300 routes opened

+ Big Walls
- « Un hommage Amer »  l’Aulp du Seuil en Chartreuse (Isère, France), 11 length : 7c+, 7b, 7c+, 4a, 8a, 7b, 8a+, 7a+, 7c, 8a, 7c+
- «  Ali Baba »  Aiglun (Nice) , 7 length : 8a, 8a, 8a, 8a+, 8a+, 8a+, 7b+
- « La voie du milieu »  Getu (China) 8 length : 6b, 6b+, 8a+, 8b+, 8a, 8a+, 7b+, 7a
+ What are your three finest climbing achievements ?

Plenty of routes in and around the Montagne de Céüse – it’s hard to pick just one!

“Tennessee” (8b) in the Tarn Gorges.

“Solitude” (8b) in Chindrieux, near La Chambotte.

"Tom et je ris" 8b+ in Verdon

+ Who do you prefer climbing with ?
With friends or whoever’s most motivated by a project.
+ Your best experience, high up ?
I love short, intense excursions. Being short of time can be really exciting. That’s happened a lot…
+ And the worst... ?
There hasn’t been one, or else I’ve forgotten!
+ What do you like doing when you’re not climbing ?
Reading the news on the internet or in specialist magazines. Finding out about climbing sites around the world that I’ve never heard of.
+ What’s your involvement with the Millet Design Centre and in product development generally ?
I try to email my opinions on the prototypes and products that go to market thanks to the Millet Design Centre. It’s often just some quick feedback between two trips, but they always take it seriously.
How do you see your discipline evolving in the next few years ?
It’s changing a lot at the moment – difficulty levels, climbing methods, etc. The top guys will continue to amazing us! It’s a “young” sport, so there’s still plenty of stuff to invent to satisfy our desires.