Michel Piola

Swiss nationality
60 years old
« Top alpinist always get stronger and faster, capable to adapt their cliff level onto big walls climbs. »

Climber and alpinist passionated by novelty, I've been blessed by my generation that was mostly driven by exploration.

  • More 1500 routes opened (about 6000 length)
  • Extreme winter ascension
  • Big walls openings in the mytic Alps
  • Dream Expedition ( Trango Tower, Groenland, Patagonia, …)
  • 5.13c level on cliff
What are the 3 most beautiful routes you achieved ?
  1. Opening« big wall » Eiger-Cervin-Pilier Central du Frêney in Switzerland
  2. The first winter alpine technic of the Badile North Face
  3. W pilar at the Nameless Tower at Trango Towers
+ Who do you prefer mountaineering with ?
A mentally strong and enthusiastic partner: I have been lucky to rope party with a lot of those rare persons
+ Your best experience, high up ?
Bivouac on cliff, and particularly this voluptuous moment where the efforts really ends when you pull your sleeping bag ruff. Just you eyes are out of this comfy shelter...
+ And the worst ?
A 40 meters fall due to a fixed rope rupture on the Eiger north Face in winter
+ What do you like doing when you’re not in the mountains ?
Draw topos and publish books. Climbing with my daughter
What’s your involvement with the Millet Design Centre and in product development generally ?
I' am totally confident in the know how of the employees and designer of the company. I just give feedbacks on the wear and tear in extreme utilisation conditions.
How do you see your discipline evolving in the next few years ?

Top alpinist always stronger and faster, capable to adapt their cliff level onto big walls climbs.

A develoment of "leisure climbing" activities.

And... a big gap between those two practice. There is less and less interest  in pure climbers than don't get much attention from the medias because their sport is known as dangerous.