Tour du Rutor Extreme

Millet Tour du Rutor Extreme, the international SkiAlp competition sponsored by Millet and Polartec, is scheduled to take place in Aosta Valley for three days of intense competition for over 300 teams from over 18 countries, The Millet Tour du Rutor aims at promoting the ethic of the mountains and the concept of team sport, according to the profound values established during the first edition of Tour du Rutor in 1993.

Millet Tour du Rutor is a unique sporting competition of ski mountaineering every two years which athletes from all around the world participate in (including China ).

In every edition, there are over 300 teams from over 18 countries, incorporating more than 600 athletes and 7000 D+ for a three days “extreme” contest. 

The technical and highly demanding routes have been designed by the Himalayan alpinist and Millet's technical advisor Marco Camandona, in partnership with the athletes of the prestigious Corrado Gex Ski Club. It is more than 75 km divided in 3 legs, 40 km of hills, 32 km of free ride and 5 km of creats and ditches!

There are a total of 5 important European ski mountaineering competitions which all together give life to the international circuit of  La Grande Course

  • · La Patrouille des Glaciers (Switzerland)
  • · La Pierra Menta (France)
  • · Il Trofeo Mezzalama (Italy)
  • · L’Adamello Skirace (Italy)
  • · Il Millet Tour du Rutor Extreme (Italy)


To make this event a huge success hundred of people are working hard. Almost 100 volunteers, 18 track markers, 3 doctors, 60 logistics operators, 43 masseurs, 15 first aid personnel and 3 international judges that will have the heavy task to determine the winners. Without forgetting the directors for the race and the responsible for the track. Well as the partners such as Polartec.