Nils Favre

Swiss nationality
28 years old
I’m 21 years old and I’m a carpenter and climber.I’ve been climbing for over 15 years, and in recent years my whole life has revolved around the sport. I go climbing whenever I get the chance – every weekend and two or three times during the week.I climb because I love the beauty of the moves, and, best of all, the grippy feeling you get. To me, climbing a five-metre slab is just as interesting as scaling a 40 metre-long roof, as long as I’m motivated and moving classily. The atmosphere at the bottom of a cliff or boulder always puts me in a good mood and gets me pumped.I love all kinds of climbing – crags, boulders, long routes. For the past two years I’ve been focusing on boulders, to build up my pure strength and execute compulsory steps on some routes. In winter 2010-2011, I completed at least five 8b boulders, which I was really pleased about. Now I know my level is high enough to try some really tough routes. I got seriously back into crag-climbing in spring 2012.My dream is to turn professional and get sponsorship, so I can explore the world through my passion and tackle the purest, hardest routes and boulders.
« I climb because I love the beauty of the moves, and, best of all, the grippy feeling you get.  »
+ What are your three finest climbing achievements ?
- Boulders :
  • The Dagger, 8b+, Cresciano
  • Les Yeux de Satan complètement rouges, 8b+ (First Ascent), Vernayaz
  • Permanent Midnight, 8b, Fionnay
  • Miss Schweiz, 8a flash ascent, Tessin

- Routes :

  • La bête humaine, 8c, Bouddha spot, Salvan
  • Le Sort s'acharne, 8c, St-Triphon
+ Who do you prefer practicing climbing with ?
With strongly motivated climbers. I like being with people who are attempting the same boulders as me – it’s a great stimulus and helps me to progress.
+ Your best experience, high up ?
It’s too hard to say, I’ve had so many. But I always have a great time each time I climb
+ And the worst ?
At Le Roc à L’Aigle. After three pitches, a two-metre-cubed boulder I was holding fell off the face. But I had my father and some great buddies at the bottom – it was scary, but fortunately I wasn’t badly injured.
+ What do you like doing when you’re not climbing ?
Watching climbing videos, reading climbing magazines, and doing edits of my boulder enchainments. And also looking for new spots and cleaning boulders.
+ What’s your involvement with the Millet Design Centre and in product development generally ?
I’m a technical adviser for Millet Switzerland. I test the equipment that’s scheduled to launch the following year, and provide advice on how to improve the products. Millet Switzerland holds feedback sessions and public promotion days. I also do bouldering videos for Millet, including a big hour-long film that will be released in late summer.
+ How do you see your discipline evolving in the next few years ?
Time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: in general terms, the average level of climbers will keep rising, and some really high-calibre climbers will come along and keep raising the elite bar. We’ll certainly also see the appearance of long routes with several ninth-degree pitches, which will be an even tougher challenge than non-stop climbing a pitch of 9b or more.