Sébastien Ratel

French nationality
32 years old
Originally from the Maurienne valley in Savoie, France, Sébastien started to climb at the age of 5. He had the chance to practice fully this sport during highschool, thanks to a climbing/study program.Then during his study at the sports university he has discovered the alpinism. At 20 years old he joined the young alpinists national team where he learned the alpininism. A year later he joins the GMHM. The Alps are too small for him which pushes him to go exploring the world.He realized around 10 expeditions in every part of the world and some premiere in the Alps.
« I'am very demanding in terms of gear when I'am in the mountains during my realisation.  »

+ What are your three finest achievements in the mountains?

- Opening of Spicy game, Kamet (7756m), ED-,  2000m, India

- Opening Théorème de la peine, Latok 2 (7120m), ED-, 2000m, Pakistan

- Opening Close the door, Lunag 2 (6810m), TD+, 1200m, Nepal

+ Who do you prefer practising alpinism with ?

With a bunch of friends in priority.

+ Your best experience, high up ?

My first "Mont-Blanc" by Freney Pilar...

Undera midnight sky full of stars after spending a day in bad weather conditions.


+ And the worst…?
The moment I wake up at the 5th bivouac on the Kamet at 7500m
+ What do you like doing when you’re not in the mountains ?

Eat, party, spend time with my friends and all the stuff we can't do up there.

+ What’s your involvement with the Millet Design Centre and in product development generally?
I'am very demanding in terms of gear when I'am in the mountains during my realisation. That's why I'am enjoying beeing involved in the development of reliable products.
+ How do you see your discipline evolving in the next few years ?
In mixt, thanks to Dry tooling  the limits been pushed during the last  years. In expedition, they allow the opening of faces in alpine style that are more and more technical.