Thomas Caleyron

French nationality
36 years old
A technical adviser on leisure and sports activities for a municipality, Thomas is a passionate climber – indeed, climbing is a way of life for him. He uses competition to stretch his limits and share experiences with fellow climbers.
« I never had a worst moment when I was climbing, it is always a pleasure ! »

- French Bouldering Champion in 2013

- Top 10 in the World bouldering championship 2013

+ What are your three finest climbing achievements ?

- « The TrapHouse » 8b+ bouldering in Fontainebleau, France

- « La danse des balrogs » 8b bouldering  in Branson, Swiss

- «  Mandala » 8A+ bouldering in Bishop, USA

+ Who do you prefer climbing with ?
With friends, whatever their climbing level are
+  Your best experience, high up ?
A lot of wonderful experience during competition and outside; when we are involved and that gives us good results
+ What do you like doing when you’re not climbing ?
Travelling, paragliding, taking pictures
+ What’s your involvement with the Millet Design Centre and in product development generally ?
I give advises and feedbacks concerning climbing products, especially what is inked to bouldering (crash pad, climbing shoes…)
+ How do you see your discipline evolving in the next few years ?
Climbing is a young sport that is developing regarding federation members, competitions organization, bouldering and rock routes openings etc. Maybe, climbing will be Olympic sport. In some words, a way to have a bigger playground and to have an improved playground for a while!