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Millet Courchevel Ski Touring, Act 3

The third race of the MCST was synonym of new records!
This third round of Millet Courchevel Ski Touring took place once again on the 2.4km withdrawal course and vertical drop of 500m from Courchevel 1850 to the top of the Loze relay. 
The lack of snow makes the official route of Millet Courchevel Ski Touring (CSTM) impracticable in ski touring but that does not demotivate participants who are increasingly coming up with many records registered every Wednesday from the beginning of the season.
Last Wednesday, December 30th for the last 2015 race, 147 competitors were at the start line! Many tourists were at the rendez-vous of the ski touring race that is now know as an institution for, as exemple, the Russians Anna and Dmitry Orlov who come to participate each year with their ski instructor Henri Thurier.
Mathéo Jacquemoud
Girls Podium, MCST

In this huge peloton, the sprinters were in the game. The specialists of the discipline start in the laste position in this test of Vertical Race against the clock but they often arrive first. The record holder on the decline course  (which was: 19 min 43 s) is the new Champion of France of Vertical Race in Courchevel Ski Touring, from the Touring Sports Club : Mathéo Jacquemoud, who managed to spray the finishing in 19min28s. The two representatives of the Mountain Isere Team, Leo Viret and Samuel Equy, respectively take the 2nd and 3rd place in 20min34s and 20min43s.


For the girls, the Mauriennaises have won the poduim with Candice Bonnel who won the new female record in 26min47s.Then come Lena Bonnel in 27min33s and Laura Deplanche in 27min35s. After have been winning the "Dynastar Courchevel X3" in team in 2015, Candice and Lena Bonnel will be on the start line from this extraordinary triathlon bike with chaining, trail and ski mountaineering on April 17 accompanied by Lorna Bonnel.

On the side of the Challenge ESF is the Toussuire ESF  who's taking the first two places among instructors with Candice Bonnel and Laura Deplanche followed by the Grand Bornand ESI represented by Charlotte Le Roux who finished in 31min25s. For the monitors, Cyril Vuarand of Courchevel 1650 ESF is in pole position with 26min18s, followed by Frédéric Corking from the Courchevel 1550 ESF in 27min01s and Yannick Costaz from Aime 2000 ESF in 28min19s.

The snow which is announced for this weekend, should allow the 4th stage of Wednesday, January 6 to take place on the official course. This first race of the year will be the day of the Russian Christmas and pending the participants, spectators will enjoy a magnificent spectacle on the arrival at the Courchevel 1850 snow front with torchlight parade, fireworks and many other surprises!

Next meeting: Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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