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New records have been registered at the MCST!

For this fifth round of the Millet Courchevel Ski Touring, Gary Ozeray and Corinne Favre have registered new records!

This sixth season, Millet Courchevel Ski Touring (MCST) is well and truly launched. Since last week the snow is at the rendez-vous and for this fifth round of the MCST a snowcat has groomed the two days accumulated snow on the course a few minutes before the race kickoff. A real treat for the 110 participants who were able to perform on a velvet carpet this rise of 3.2km in ski touring with 500m of elevation gain between Le Praz and Courchevel 1850. As every Wednesday, the skiers estimate their Rise Time during their prior registrations. The slower people start first and the fastest go last to allow beginners to not end up back of the pack and can sometimes arrive before the elites!


In 2012, Courchevel is the first French ski station to have created and marked a groomed and secured ski mountaineering route.

La chenillette des MSTC


This Wednesday, January 13, the men podium was played in a handkerchief. Gary Ozeray from the Peisey Vallandry ESF won by picking up the new provisional record of the season in 24min44s.  Alexandre Vionnet Fuasset  from the Arêches Beaufort Multisports Club ended at the second position with 24min52s at the clock, and Arnaud Mazet at the third place with 24min57.

Gary Ozeray aux MSTC

Gary Ozeray

For the girls, Corinne Favre recurrence by improving her own record by over 40 seconds , finishing in 28min10s. Geraldine Bau took the second place in 32min10s followed by the new recruit of the organizing "Courchevel Sports Mountaineering" club Corail Bugnard which ended in 32min41s.
Kilian Jornet (numéro 1)
MSTC cinquième manche
For the last 2 years, a challenge for the French Ski Schools (ESF) was established with the help of 3 Courchevel ESF. This challenge enables ski instructors of all France ESF to classify and to designate at the end of the season the best 2016 skier and mountaineer. During the 5th round, it was Gary Ozeray of the Peisey Vallandry ESF who, with his time in 24min52s, climbs on top of the overall standings and Pascale Gachet-Mauroz of the Courchevel 1550 ESF took the lead in this instructors ranking in 39min05s.
 podium 5è manche des Millet Ski Touring Courchevel
 Podium (From the Left to the Right) : Corail Bugnard, Corinne Favre, Géraldine Bau, Alexandre Vionnet Fuasset, Gary Ozeray et Arnaud Mazet.
Next meeting on Wednesday 20 of January!