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The Millet Expedition Project 2014 laureates, Jérémie and Stéphanie Gicquel would like to share their adventure: Across Antarctica.

The 2014 winners of the Millet Expedition Project, Jérémie and Stéphanie Gicquel, today wish to share their adventure across the Antarctic ... in a film. The Millet Expedition Project (MXP) offers you the opportunity, thanks to Millet and its partners, to achieve your dream expedition, whether it be close to home or at the other end of the world. Stéphanie and Jérémie Gicquel Remember, in October 2014, the winners of the MXP, Jérémie and Stéphanie Gicquel, set out for the Antarctic and achieved a double feat in 74 days: the longest ever crossing of the Antarctic continent on skis (without a sail for locomotion), and, more generally, the longest expedition on skis completed by a woman in Antarctica (without a sail for locomotion).

across antarctica

Today, Jérémie and Stéphanie have not turned the page. They want to make a film, ACROSS ANTARCTICA, to continue sharing their adventure, thanks to more than 50 hours of rushes [filming prints] that they brought back from their expedition. "This is probably the first time that people who have launched such an expedition into the heart of the Antarctic have been able to bring back so many images.", they confide to us.

across antarctica

For this, they need you! "In order to finance the editing and post-production of the film, we have opened a fundraising website page, Touscoprod, on a platform of equity financing 100% dedicated to the film and audiovisual industries." When it is completed, the film will be viewable on tablets, PCs, and any other web-enabled devices by all subscribers to the project.

across antarctica

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