Chamonix Guides festival 2015

During the Festival, guides from the Compagnie des Guides celebrate the relationship that exists between themselves, their clients, and the local population. This unique sense of brotherhood is tied somehow stronger than the rope connecting party members. The program of festivities revolves around friendship through extremely convivial encounterings between local business owners, guides and visitors.

August 15th is a great opportunity for mountain enthusiasts to attend the traditional festival of the guides, at Chamonix. Each year, guides from the whole of France meet in the symbolic capital of French mountaineering, for four days of sharing and good humor, enhanced by music and fireworks. During these festival days, gatherings and friendship are the order of the day with merchants, the local people, and the tourists in a highly convivial atmosphere. What should not be missed: the sound and light show in aid of the relief fund, which helps the injured, the sick and the families of the guides company.


fete des guides chamonix

fete des guides chamonix

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