Freeride Skiing

Eva Walkner World Champion, what's next?

Eva Walkner impressed this year again with her incomparable talent for the ski. The proof? For the second and consecutive time, she won the Freeride World Tour trophy, and became the World Champion freeride skier. But, what happen after a victory like this? Eva Walkner, with her unalterable smile answered to our questions.
+ After winning the FWT for the second time, what are your next goals ?

My next goal is to finish my Alaska film project. I started organizing it in 2013 and we had to postpone it for 2 years. I hope we will find some cool mountains and lines!

+Do you want to stay in the competition ?

I think I will go for another year. But if i compete one more year, I'll try to push it a bit more. I will work on some tricks and on dropping higher cliffs before the next season starts. If I come back, I will go more on my limits. If it works I´m happy, if not it´s also ok. I´ve nothing to loose...

Eva Walkner - Freeride World Tour

+ What do you feel like when the season is finished ?

When the season will be finished (end of may when I'll be back from Alaska) it will be a great feeling. I got the title again, had many podiums, good runs and a very cool movie project.

I´m very satisfied with my season. But after a few weeks of relaxing and coming down I'll need to start with the preperation for the next winter and the organization of some other cool projects I´ve got in my mind.


+What are your occupations ?

That´s a full time job! 5 hours training each day and after, some office work. 

+ You go to Alaska in a few days, can you tell us more about this project ? How is it born ?

When I was injured in 2013 I was kind of bored. Waiting for my knee surgeries, in between of my physio I was a bit lost … So I thought, "what is your biggest dream?" "It´s going to Alaska."

As of today I´ve been there 3 times but back in 2013 that was not the case. So I started with a concept, trying to find sponsors and a TV Station. Everyting worked out perfect and I got a pretty big budget together.

It is about hiking, the adventure and the beauty of the mountains. Not showing off but a real authentic movie. If We cry We cry, if We are afraid We show it, … It´s a documentary about hiking and skiing in exposed lines in the Alaska Range. I´m not a professional mountaineer but a skier. So the hiking and the technical part are gonna be interesting for me!

We will be in the base camp for around 2 weeks. That´s gonna be fun :) 

+ Other projects ?

I already have a couple of cool ideas in my mind. But it´s to early to talk about it...

Eva Walkner with her friends during the FWT