Millet Expedition Project

Fly the ring of fire

More than an unknown expedition, they are taking up the challenge of combining discovery, an extraordinary phenomenon in nature and sharing experiences with locals.
«the highlight of the project was the annular eclipse of the sun»


Before all this, they have visited the island, they have done “Hike&Fly” to find the best places from the coast to the mountains peaks

It was necessary to estimate the weather change, wind, clouds. The main purpose was to fly as much as possible during the eclipse and take pictures in the best place at the right moment. But nature hasn’t always been present. The relief of the island was extremely steep. Huge walls and cliffs where it has been difficult to find a way. With take-offs and landings highly technical. In addition, strong winds and clouds which prevented them to fly on several occasions.


In the meantime, they have given “mini-workshops” with their telescope. One of the strong points of this expedition was their social involvement with locals. It’s not just a question of individual expedition but to share these observations of the sun with the public.





At last, the big day arrived! In the morning, they have spent time in a local school with kids to explain the eclipse, and after, they had to leave to try to fly during the eclipse.




Wind was very strong almost everywhere. They finally went back to a place they have spotted the first day, and then they wait until the right moment. Finally the takeoff, despite the clouds, but it was the only place where the fly was possible. Amidst such conditions, the work of the local photographer was amazing. They have missed the moment during the total eclipse, but he took gorgeous photos just before and after the eclipse, in the clouds, yielding a supernatural effect.




Local TV put them in the evening news while they were on the beach with the kids. And with some of them, they have kept in touch to help them with their studies.


A warm thanks to the partners of Millet Expedition Project: Julbo, Nemo, Katadyn, Trek’n’Eat and all the others.