how to pick your climbing shoes fit ?

The sensation "of marrying" the rock to the setting of the foot, the gripping ability and the precision at the tip of the climbing shoe on the crucial grip are what is sought by the climber: everything is in the climbing shoe!

From the point of view of feeling, our material and the construction provide a perfect envelopment of the foot. Our supports, flexible or rigid depending on the support sought, are constructed in 2 types of adherent rubber: Vibram® X-Grip for its proven and exceptional qualities and 4PointsGrip™ for its excellent adhesion/durability ratio. For ultimate precision, our climbing shoes are fitted and converge into an asymmetric tip, hooking and concave at the toe. For broader versatility of use we also offer straight, refined tips with a more comfortable toe area. From climber to climber, Millet climbing shoes are a true answer, approved by Nils Favre, our iconic Block Master.

nils favre, comment choisir ses chaussons millet

The Fit

Performance fit

Converging toe for maximum precision, sensation and power with flexible support. The axis of the shoe is then chosen according to your type of foot, depending on whether you have a tendency to put your weight on your big toe or on others.


Asymmetrical toebox, with axis aligned on big toe. 

Millet climbing shoes: Performance fit

Symmetrical toebox, with axis aligned on second toe.

millet climbing shoes: performance fit symetrical

Advanced Fit

This is the most versatile and universal shape. It offers a symmetrical right axis on the second toe, with a flat point for an excellent compromise between accuracy, support and comfort. The support is rigid, for good foot-traction on slab rock, for example.

millet climbing shoes: advanced fit


Progressive fit

Symmetrical right axis on the second toe, flat "rounded edge" to guarantee traction, support and the comfort of home. It offers medium support with minimum restriction to the foot, which is very good for casual and beginner climbers.s.

millet climbing shoes: progressive fit for beginner

The Rubber

There are two types of rubber in our shoe collection. It is important to adapt your type of rubber with your level and style of climbing: for the top level, a strongly adhering rubber is preferred; for more "classic" usage, you look for durability. These rubber types provide good adherence/durability ratios, you have to remember that a more adherent rubber is less dense, and therefore less durable. Adhesion is inversely proportional to durability! !

  • 4POINTS GRIP™: : Exclusive to Millet, a rubber offering an excellent grip-to-durability ratio.
  • VIBRAM® XS GRIP : High-performance rubber offering proven, outstanding adhesive properties in hot or cold climbing conditions: +30% grip in smooth-surface tests.


The Fabric The shoe's material determines whether or not it will loosen in the course of use. Each type of material (synthetic or leather) has its advantages:

  • MICROFIBER LINED UPPERS: Synthetic, undeformable textile for a immediate fit at your actual size.
  • UNLINED LEATHER UPPERS : to gradually shape the shoe to your foot. Choose one size below your usual newshoe size.


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