Millet Expedition Project


FINANCING: some often long and tedious steps which are nonetheless worth the effort! But how is it done?


When organizing an expedition, its cost must be taken into account and you must begin taking steps (often long and tedious) to set up its financing. These steps should be taken in advance, when you know, for instance, that the awarding of funding will be made six months beforehand or that the private and public sectors will be finalizing their budgetary plans in the spring or the fall. sponsor, expedition, organize, mxp Any type of sponsor is a plus.

how to organize your expedition


You must be sure of yourself, keep pushing for your project, never get demoralized. Perseverance and motivation are the watchwords. Any type of sponsor is a plus, as they can contribute in the hundreds or thousands of euros. Put your money on your project's originality and don't hesitate to post a website even before your other preparations; getting information out about your project is important. Of course, an internet search on the methods that other adventurers have used before you is always beneficial. The essence of your project defines its originality

how to organize your expedition


Today, originality is no longer synonymous with difficulty, but with the essence of your project. From meeting another civilization, to the culmination of a dream, to ecology or sharing, these are all motivations that appeal to sponsors. Even if the "luck" factor is relatively important, do not abandon ship, persevere through to the end.

how to organize your expedition

Source: ESCAPE / Free Presse STP