Millet Expedition Project

How to organize your expedition #3

When you live something exceptional like an expedition, you just want to share it. And because you will capture as many pictures as possible, you must choose good visual supports.

What kind of gear?

As simple they are, new photo and video staffs are fragile. Taking good equipment with you is necessary, but you need to think about the protections that can be heavy to carry. The type of the equipment is subjective, but we recommend to take some wide angle lens able to zoom too, so for example a 28-300 mm associated to a 17-35mm.

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The protections:

According to Ross Hewitt, it depends of the destination. If you’re at a few days from civilization, it’s useless to take too much battery spares but if you’re in autarky, you should carefuly take some stock with you in case of, with self sufficient supply like foldable solar panels – useful to carry .

Ross Hewitt recommends the Sherpa 100 and 50 systems. Make sure you have at least a spare of each supply (whether it be connection cables or the lens), to prevent damages or losses. Find yourself without any camera in the middle of your expedition would be catastrophic.

Finally, your equipment protections are essential but useful only if you chose them respecting your destination’s temperatures. “You must be attentive about the humidity and the difference between cold and hot temperatures.” Says Ross Hewitt. Briefly, a protective case is necessary to protect against cold weather , and always think to keep your battery in warm conditions.

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