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How to organize your expedition #5

HEALTH: In Expedition, anything can happen. A good training is more than necessary to consider any mishap that could occur.

Not everybody has the chance to have in his team a doctor or a first aid trained person. The best is, as usual, to have essential knowledge to be able to manage yourself in any situation.

how to organize your expedition

In high altitude.

In high altitude , the most frequent risks are the frostbites the Acute Mountain Sickness. Frostbites are painless but can be fatal, involving sometime fingers or toes amputation. You must thing to warm them as often as possible, and don’t wear too tight clothes, gloves, shoes. The acute mountain sickness are due to a too fast ascent and the hypoxia, in other words it’s the oxygen quantity decrease that the blood deliver out to the tissues. A high altitude progressive body acclimatization is essential to avoid the AMS and have to come back down in emergency. When your doing your acclimatization, just know that you musn’t climb more than 400meters between to camps. Another common things but extremely useful that you should not forget:  the sunscreen, to prevent sunburns, and the moisturizer cream get round the clothes friction on the skin.

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When you’re far away from any civilisation

When you’re in wild and faraway places, you must be independent and take with you enough stuff in your first aid kit, always according to your expedition destination. Once again, before leaving, doing a training program is useful. And as we often say: prevention is better than cure! That’s why the Millet expedition project laureates do a day training program in Chamonix with our partners (like Tingerlaat, the GMHM, Katadyn, Ifremmont, TV8 Mont Blanc…)

expedition, health, cure