Innovation: the Synth'X Revolution

Your down jackets are warm but cumbersome, fragile and some feathers sometime come off the seams? We are proud to announce our new innovation: the Synth'X construction:

A revolution in weaving technology

Synth'X™  Construction – a weaving technology used to form seamless baffles in down jackets, resulting in protective outerwear with the greatest warmth to weight ratio the brand has ever designed.The Synth'X™ technology ? it’s the commitment of a lighter, warmer, seamless, downproof and water resistant insulated jacket . It’s a revolution in weaving technology, which, through a double weave complex, creating a new generation of insulation baffle-box.This seamless construction, tearing resistant, provides an efficient downproofness. Synth'X™ technology provides more lightness to the garment and guarantee thermal confort.

Displayed in the the famous exhibition Munich ISPO (for all the outdoor sports professionals), the Synth'X technoloy will be introduced in select styles within our limited edition Trilogy Series for next winter (2016-2017) we'll have to be so patients! 

Remarkable design

“The added benefit of the Synth'X™  Construction is the complete downproofness assured, because the weaving of pre-baffles prevents pieces of feathers from poking through,” explains Frederic Fages, Millet Brand Manager. “Additionally, we designed the cuts of jackets to avoid seams on shoulders and under arms. The Synth'X™  jackets are truly remarkable designs, from start to finish.”


What does Synth'X™  Construction mean for committed, outdoor adventurers?
• Jackets are lighter, as thread or glue isn’t required.
• Jackets are more durable, as the double weave complex is stronger than thread or glue.
• Jackets are warmer and have greater water repellency, as a weave is tighter than traditional threaded seams.