Freeride Skiing

Jérémy Janody facing the Aiguillettes du Tacul

Jérémy Janody has enjoyed the ski season until its very end and he shares with us his last ski session in the Mt Blanc range. Here’s the story!

Easy training day to stay in shape with Jérémy Janody, the plan is: Heading to the Mt Blanc range with the South-East Aiguillettes du Tacul couloir. This couloir is about 400 meters long, within the “cirque Maudit” that you can access through Helbronner’s lift or from the Aiguille du Midi. This itinerary can be done over a day and during the late season without any problem.

Jérémy says “This is quite steep, about 45° average, but the rocks appearing at the end of season can make the beginning a little tricky and the rest might be technical. So you have to be patient until the snow turns slushy…



I’ve shared that day with a friend and this never gets old. This time it was foggy, but when it’s sunny, it’s beautiful; there is a magnificent view on the Italian side of the Mt Blanc.”

Jérémy Janody