Freeride Skiing

J.Janody in steep slopes on a Etale Face

Wishful High Mountain guide, Jérémy Janody is an extreme skier. Fan of steep slopes, he tell us his freeride outing in the Aravis massif.


« Further to the training course of steep slopes, after a noteworthy passing in the Varos, we are back at 5am to the parking of the Aravis’s col, departure for three hours of ascent in Chauchefoin ramp, an itinerary of 550 meters with an aerial crossing and an end of hallway really narrow.

Despite the moderate slope, the Chauchefoin ramp is still an itinerary that can be transformed into a mess, mainly in the down setbacks oriented East canalizing the rocs fall from the first sunrays.

André, Mickael, Maxime and me choose to go back up the itinerary, which is in my opinion a good solution to foil dangers and appreciate the qualit of the snow, it also able to equip with fixed rope difficult passages. It was the good choice as we had to cross a bergschrund before the expo crossing, natural formation really rare in the Aravis massif as there is no glacier.

8h40, we are at the summit of our objective, time to do a break and we start the descent. On March the East Face are quickly warm, we start the high slopes on powder then difficulties arrived the crossing passage that we cross with a handrail we installed on the rise. The following is much more difficult, the final hallway is devastated because of the spring, fortunately we can ski it.

Finally we arrive at the end of the face without snatching limbs which is a good point for future. I think that the season in the Aravis wasn’t really good for slopes. Still have to wait the spring monsoon to go the Mont Blanc massif, to find the huge iced slopes. To be continued... »