Freeride Skiing

Lights on Robin Kaleta!

Powder slashes, wonderful sceneries, steep cliffs and... Robin Kaleta who is today's star. Here are a few pictures that sum up well his season full of fun and fresh snow, also an interview!



"Robin has been skiing since he was three years old in his little mountains of Czech Republic. As soon as he learned how to turn, he started skiing off piste with his friends. But only after watching American movie Extreme skiing with Scott Schmidt and other heroes, he realized this is kind of skiing he wanted to do. Back then it was not even called freeriding yet.

Except for contests he loves shooting stills and creating projects. Robin thinks this is a great way to show beauty of mountains and freeriding to other people and through stories pass a message to the audience."




What are your 3 most beautiful achievements in ski?

Those would be film projects I took part on such as Alaska in powder, a few shots that we got done and my where I share my experiences with others.

Who do you prefer skiing with?

My wife but we don’t get to ski much together unfortunately.

The best time you had while skiing?

It is all the time.




And the worst?

Always when there are injuries involved.

What do you like to do when you’re not in the mountains?

It is great when I spend time with my family. I also love sandstone rock climbing – in Czech republic we have some of the most challenging sandstone areas in the world.

What’s your involvement with the Millet design center?

Actually I don’t know, I would like to get involved somehow.

How do you feel skiing will evolve in the next years?

I am sure there will be more and more people driven into backcountry looking for adventure and quietness. As already many. Skitouring combined with freeriding in my tip.