M. Poitevin at the Vertical Vertige Festival

Last week, I was invited at the film festival Vertical Vertige to present a movie of Bruno Peyronnet “Singuniang was told me” in which I participated. Originally from la Roche sur Foron, this festival is obviously very important for me.

In October 2012 we went to China, in the area of Sichuan in the Siguniang massif. We represented the GHMH and we climbed with Chinese people of the Chinese Mountainering Institute. Christian Trommsdorf from the Millet teams was the leader of the French team and Olivier Balma leads the Chinese team. The French team was composed of Jerôme Para, Damien Tomasi, Christophe Dumarest, Thomas Vialletet, Mélanie Martinot, Chloé Laget and Fanny Gras our draughtswoman.

We firstly went to Liming for a climbing festival on chock. After four days on 4x4 trough moutains we arrived in the Siguniang. There, we joined Chinese mountaineers for the ascent of the Mont Abi at 5694 meters.

This adventure was the occasion to open some technical lines with locals. Often in far expedition we don’t tqke the time to meet local people. Between the weather delays, the approaches, the waiting, we have few times. This time, we could meet some inhabitants and we shared few weeks with local mountaineers. We learnt more about their traditions!

In this movie we learn a lot about China, Chinese and the far alpinism. You can see it on “montagne TV” and in other festival.


The teaser of the movie

Siguniang m'était conté - Bande Annonce par MONTAGNETV