Mathieu Bouyoud opens a 9a+ route, in La Balme

The Balme de Yenne, in Savoy, no longer has any secrets for Mathieu Bouyoud who opened a fifth trail in this unique spot: "Deep Spot", that he rates as a 9a+!
After having cleared and equipped it this winter, Mathieu Bouyoud finally launched into the extreme ascent of the "Deep Spot " trail, and rated it as a 9a+.+.

mathieu bouyoud

"It goes back into the cave on the right side (one of the big, quite regular slopes) ending up in a sloping dihedron. Harder than the other 9a climbs of La Balme, I suggested a 9a+ rating. This year is really exceptional for climbing in La Balme. The drought is a good thing in Savoy! "

mathieu bouyoud sur la deep spot

The Chambéry climber who already showed us his talent by opening the Balmophilie 9a, the Declac 8c/8c+, the Voie Lactée [Milky Way] 8c and the Apocalypse Now 9a at the beginning of the summer, made the Balme de Yenne the spot with the most extreme trails in all of France, leaving Céüse in second place.