Matty Hong made 3 routes, 5.14d in Rifle, Colorado

Student production continues to surprise us! Last year, he had climbed in France in the ninth grade but this time he goes in a few weeks three routes in 5.14d known to be particularly perilous.

We have discussed with Matty Hong who entrusts to start with “Fat Camp”, a line located out the steepest part of the Wicked Cave in Rifle (Colorado). This route have been open and bolted by Joe Kinder in 2011. It took several days to Matty Hong and to his buddy Jon Cardwell to find the sequences that would work but this has been fairly quickly! In fact, Jon had climbed the first ascent and gave it the grade 5.14d. After a trip of few weeks, Matty came back motivated than ever and ready to climb the route.



«It was helpful to take a break and come back with a clean slate, I felt good and was excited to try other things!»



He keeps going the next week with two of the hardest routes in the US: first of all the Shadowboxing and then Kryptonite, both quoted 5.14d. He had been on them both a year but just briefly, he remembered some sequences.

« What was important for me to do these routes was to be confident and relaxed. »
And after climbing « Fat Camp », Matty can’t be more comfortable on both moral and physical grounds because, according to him, “Fat Camp” is the hardest route in Rifle, even though he was in his element!

So he had started with Shadowboxing on Saturday and Kryptonite on Sunday. 


Thus, Matty made three of the hardest routes in few weeks.


Matty move on to some bigger and badder things and start with the cliff at the « Fortress of Solitude” close to Rifle, in Colorado, his favorite place. But now he focuses on bouldering with this riff he considers as tons of potential. Lately he had climbed “Mirror Reality V14”.


In November, he’ll go to « Red River Gorge » in Kentucky and hope to travel to Spain at the beginning of 2017. Lots of climbing on his mind and we look forward to hear his next performance!




Matty Hong in Shadowboxing - credit: Carlo Traversi