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MCST act 6: a great season for all the participants!

This Wednesday, January 20 the conditions were gathered for a good race at the 6th round of Millet Courchevel Ski Touring (MCST).

Many participants in this nocturnal mounted under the stars have managed to improve their times as Jean-Marc Sullice which reached its target passing under the 40 minutes (39min15s).

New record for Florent Perrier and a victory for Elsa Nodet at the 6th Millet Ski Touring Courchevel.

Millet Ski Touring Courchevel - Elsa Nodet

If many come to realize a personal challenge by setting a time goal, others come to play and win and compete to realize the season record. This is the case for Florent Perrier, the gold standard in ski touring with 8 World Championship titles, 6 times European champion and 10 times France Champion in Ski Touring. He won this 6th race establishing the new provisional record 23min57s. From the 2nd to the 5th place, times are tight. Arnaud Mazet come second in 24min44s and Aurélien Dunand Pallaz from the Scarpa Team come at third position in 24min47s. We Note the strong performance of Sébastien Figliolini, winner of the Pierra Menta 1998 and director of the partner store "The Base Camp", which finished 13th in 27min31s.


For the girls, the provisional record in 28min10s established by Corinne Favre last week was not worried. Elsa Nodet from the Chamonix Ski Mountaineering Club prevails in 31min40s before Geraldine Bau in 33min26s and Marie Dohin in 35min, both from Méribel. Florencia Malbran, director of the Chocolate partner "Black Track" arrives 52min49s.


Millet Ski Touring Courchevel - Sébastien Figliolini
Sébastien Figliolini


Millet Ski Touring Courchevel - Jean-Marc Sullice
Jean-Marc Sullice



For the ESF challeng, Tony Portanier from the Courchevel 1550 ESF prevails in 25min10s. Among the instructors, Corine Chauchaix from the Arêches ESF takes the lead in the overall standings with her 35min28s time.


Millet Ski Touring Courchevel, 6th round mcst podium

From the left to the right : Aurélien Dunand-Pallaz, Florent Perrier, Elsa Nodet, Géraldine Bau, Marie Dohin et Arnaud Mazet.