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Millet Courchevel Ski Touring, Part 2

Geraldine Bau and Gary Ozeray won the 2nd race of the MCST!

The lack of snow makes the official route of Millet Courchevel Ski Touring (CSTM) impracticable in ski touring. This second CSTM round of Wednesday, December 23 had to be held again on the withdrawal course in the Courchevel 1850 departure station heights. The arrival of the Vertical Race course of 2.4km and 500m of elevation gain was identical to the official arrival of "Plum Courchevel KV" at the top of the Loze relay.

114 competitors were at the start line for this race against time under a beautiful moonlight. Among the participants some of them came dressed as Christmas Mother as Mireille Bartniki from the Albertville Caf which ends in 35min07s.

Gary Ozeray from Peisey Vallandry ESF finished in 21min00s. William Perrier from Club Courchevel Sports Mountaineering (21min40s) took the second place and Clément Ripoll Team Alpi Mercantour complete the podium (21min51s). Jean-Christophe Bette,  the most successful rower of the French Rowing, who won a gold medal at the Sydney Olympics and five world championship titles, finished fourth in 22min16s.

Mireille Bartniki at the MCST
Mireille Bartniki dressed like a Chrismas Mother
Gary Ozeray at the MCST
Gary Ozeray from the  Peisey Vallandry ESF


For the girls, Geraldine Bau from Méribel Mountain Sports goes once again on the top step of the podium with a time of 29min03s.Then come Clarisse Monnet Team Yogi Tea in 29min29s and AnnabelleCadoux Caf Aravis 30min46s.

On the side of the ESF challenge, Gary Ozeray of Peisey Vallandry ESF has the best monitor’s time with a finishing in 21min monitors and Pascale Gachet Mauroz of ESF Courchevel 1550 prevails among instructors in 36min19.

Philippe Mugnier, The Saint-Bon Courchevel mayor and Laurette Coste and Laurence Chevallier, 2 city councilors end respectively in 47min20s, 54min05s, and 54min20s.  Pascal De Thiersant, CEO of the 3 Vallées Company who came with his family, ranks in 35min03s followed by Jean-Pierre Millet in 36min10.

Pascal De Thiersant (Number 129) and his son Hugo (Number 219).
Philippe Mugnier
Philippe Mugnier
Jean pierre Millet
Jean pierre Millet


A bit of patience for the "Plum KV Courchevel".

We’ll have to wait until Friday, January 22 for the first round of "Plum KV Courchevel" in ski touring. Because of the lack of snow on the official route of the "Plum KV Courchevel" January 1st run  is shifted to Friday, 5 February. The 4 winter appointments of the  Plum KV Courchevel are Friday 22 January, February 5 and 19, and the 18 of March.

Next meeting on Wednesday, December 30th for the 3rd round of Millet Courchevel Ski Touring on the downturn course with Mathéo Jacquemoud the new France Vertical Race champion  which will do his last race of the year with his family.

Podium Part 2 of the MCST

Podium (From the Left to the Right) :Annabelle Cadoux, Philippe Mugnier, Géraldine Bau, Clarisse Monnet, Clément Ripoll, Gary Ozeray and William Perrier.

Next meeting: Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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