Freeride Skiing

Third place at the FWT for Mickael Bimboes

Mickael Bimboes, 27, sign and win a third place in Chamonix, during the second race of the Freeride World Tour. After a 22nd place in Courmayeur, the first step of the World Tour, we get back Mickael Bimboes cleaner and happy to participate in such a competition.

During our interview, Mickael comes back on his run and explains his claims viewed before his runs which has made speak about him. Talented and impetuous, Mickael Bimboes still has good days of skiing before him.

Tell us about your run?

I made a good race it made me want well because of its originality. A beautiful rock to jump in the middle and a technical part in the steep down with an impressive bar. I was disappointed to have made ​​a big mistake on the rock at the top, and not have been cleaner. The result proved me wrong because I get a good score, and I'm delighted.

Some comment about your podium?

I am really happy, this podium almost assures me remain on theTour, and share it with Loic Collomb Patton is even better he really makes a great season.

How do you feel after its good performance?

I feel a bit more confident than after my 22nd place at Courmayeur but it doesn’t change my way to approach things. I have a lot of work with the movie “Antagonist” which we are shooting so I don’t have a lot of time to enjoy.

How was your preparation?

As usual, mountain biking during the summer, I don’t really make a specific preparation. On the skis I jump a lot during training to feel comfortable in the air and balanced over receptions.

Are you ready for the run in Austria?

I am!

Why brandished several panels writings claimants?

I would like to pass a peaceful message of freedom and of equality to go forward together toward a fairer and more sustainable world. The goal is simply to open the debate and talk about it, it seems to work in, but who knows for how long.

What do you say to those who think that this has no place in a race?

I would like to apologize if I might shocked despite all the precautions taken to be the least controversial. Then I do not think to have been vulgar or rude to people who have seen these messages. But if these messages, which describe a reality in France and around the world, are more indecent than reality itself it means that this world is too good to be true.
I get a lot of messages, positive or negative about these messages, but the goal is reached because people talk about it, it does not leave indifferent and the debate in the ski at least opens.
Many people are just as outraged as I am over what happens in this world the changes rarely come from the top so I try to do what I can to my scale.

Next run at Wildseeloder - Fieberbrunn Kitzbüheler Alpen, Austria