Advice - Fabric care

Getting wet can soon ruin your comfort and enjoyment. To stop it happening, follow our advice.


Getting wet can soon ruin your comfort and enjoyment. To stop it happening, follow our advice.


For GORE-TEX© and Dryedge products:

To wash your GORE-TEX© product

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label.

As a rule, select the 30°C setting; never use chlorine or conditioner which could block the membrane’s pores and affect breathability; and be sure to renew your water-repellent finish.


Your GORE-TEX© product seems to no longer repel water

All outer fabrics of GORE-TEX® products are treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish. However, normal wear-and-tear plus external factors (dirt, detergents, etc.) reduce its efficiency.

Follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions (to ensure the finish is properly spread). If water droplets do not then roll off the dry fabric, you can reactivate the repellency with a product sold in sports shops.

For GORE-TEX© and Dryedge products, the heat of spin-drying reactivates the repellency of the finish.


Snagged your clothing?

If your GORE-TEX® garment has sustained a small snag, you can use a repair kit.

-          Choose the appropriate kit for your garment’s fabric.

-          Apply the patch (without trimming it) by pressing it down on the snag.


Patches let you repair your garment out on the ground, but are not recommended for permanent repairs (they withstand five machine washes).


For down products

Be sure to close your sleeping bag before machine-washing.

Machine-wash your down jacket in cold water, preferably with a special conditioner-free detergent for down. Do not dry-clean!

Rinse carefully.


Before storing your bag, you must dry it. Two solutions:

-          On a hanger, regularly shaking the down to disperse it

-          Or in a dryer (max temperature: 30°C) with a tennis ball to restore full loft.


For long-term storage, do not keep your jacket in its compression sack.

The care instructions for sleeping bags are on a label in the inside pocket of the bag.


For technical T-shirts

Follow the instructions on the label.