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The Millet Base Camps

The Millet Base Camps are the opportunity to test the brand's products, with renowned Mountain Guides, on exceptionals spots: The Mont Blanc (France), and the Eiger (Switzerland); two world famous resorts, for all the mountains activities you can practice there.

Millet is proud to equip two prestigious High Mountain Guides Company as the Chamonix one (France) and the Grindelwald one (Switzerland), in two resorts world famous to practice mountain sports.

Though, Millet sat up its Base Camp near the Mont Blanc, in Chamonix for the third consecutive time, and for the first time in Grindelwald to celebrate its recent collaboration with the Swiss Company, at the feet of the mythic Eiger.


The Chamonix Base Camp.

Already 7 years than the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix and Millet have a partnership with. And for the third consecutive year, the Chamonix Base Camp took place for one week, from the sunday 29th of may to the friday 3rd of june. The emblematic city of mountain sports welcomed  a hundred of people: clients, journalists and the 2 winners of the Instagram contest.

Despite the bad weather, there was a busy program: presentation of the partnership with “Cie des guides” and visit of the Cie house with Marc Roman, Millet movies projection such as the Rise Up movie, and Mountain activity with guides : ice-climbing on “Mer de glace” or hiking which permitted to test the 2017 collection in grand premiere: Grepon 4S, approach shoes, backpacks…and approuve that our Gore-Tex were really efficient against the bad weather !

Millet Chamonix Base Camp - Mont Blanc
Millet Chamonix Base Camp - Mont Blanc
Millet Grindelwald Base Camp - Eiger
Millet Grindelwald Base Camp - Eiger


The Grindelwald Base Camp

A first edition than took place in heart of the Eiger's North Wall, in Switzerland. About 40 participants were invited, as clients, journalists and consumers. All of them were brought by the Jungfrau train to the Eiger North Wall stop where a Millet Base Camp was sat up.  

Together with the partner; Grindelwald sports Mountain guides, who rely on the Millet equipment since 2015, a unique event was launched, which leaves a long lasting impression on all participants. 
The new Millet film "Face to Face" was presented; a documentary with mountain guides from Grindelwald and Chamonix, which describes the Eiger north face ascent of two protagonists from Grindelwald and Chamonix with many impressive information about the Eiger.

After the film the participants were able to experience the highlight of the evening by visiting the same place of the Eiger as the the mountain guides in the film; the Stollenloch directly on the Eiger North Wall. That was an impressive Alpine experience by Millet and Grindelwald sports Mountain Guides. After that experience professional models with the support of the Millet product team from Annecy (France) the new Millet Summer 2017 collection was presented at the Base Camp

The next morning, the mountains around the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau were presented to us in the postcard weather. The participants were divided into several groups from crevasse rescue to a long snow shoes tour led by the mountain guides. During the day and acitivites the Millet Trilogy series products, trusted by the Grindelwald mountain guides, were also tested by the participants. 

Back in Grindelwald, all participants agreed that the first Millet Grindelwald Base Camp was an absolute success. The alpine DNA and the "RISE UP" Spirit of this event has lived in authentic perfection.

Next Rendez-Vous next year, for new alpine adventures and new product tests at the Millet Base Camps!