Millet Expedition Project

« Millet Expedition Project » celebrates its 10th anniversary !

The grant for adventure will be celebrating its 10th birthday in 2017! For 10 years, Millet has been part of many human and sportive adventures through the “Millet Expedition Project” with the help of complementary partners. Millet will be launching the 10th edition on October 26th, 2016.

« Millet Expedition Project » is set up to be a real springboard for future talents in mountain sports. But it’s also 10 years of thrills, discovering and sharing in a large variety of destinations.




Participants were able to explore astonishing areas such as Amazonia, Greenland, Afghanistan and even the North Pole.



Overall 86 expeditions selected with more than 350 adventurers crossed 42 countries experiencing 30 different sporting activities (ski, canoe, trekking, climbing, diving, paraglider…) ...
Millet intends to make this 10th edition a special one by reinforcing its club of partners. 6 new contributors have already signed to be part of the Millet Expedition Project : Beal, Goal Zero Crosscall, Science et Montagne, Air, Niveales. These brands and media joined the adventure in order to support original projects based on mutual help, performance, exploration and culture.

Welcoming new partners will enhance the call for applications and thus the number of projects received by Millet. Furthermore, their contribution in terms of competencies, material and financial aid as well as the assistance they offer will help the Millet Expedition Project in supporting more ambitious projects. 





Because every adventure is a rewarding and significant experience for adventure lovers


Millet and its partners want to provide their expertise and support to lead adventurers to accomplishment by challenging their limits. Explorers profit from a full and personalized help throughout the expedition with the possibility to proceed either in English or French.

You feel like leaving for expedition, achieving new performances, pushing your limits away, making your dream come true… You wish to develop a unique project related to sports and human experience, close from home or in a distant country, at the top of an unknown summit or in the middle of a desert, Millet brings its help to the next adventurers Please send out your applications to or on the official website. Deadline for applications is March 1st, 2017.