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The Millet Rise Up Tour is launched!

The Millet Rise Up Tour is launched! The concept: Millet goes in Tour around Europe in Climbing Gyms, with its athletes, and gives you the possibility to test our climbing products!

First Step in Barcelona

The first step took place in Barcelona this march, 5th, 2016 . The climbing gym named Deu Dits, was under the Millet colours, and many climbers and curious came for the event! 

The day was marked by challenges on the Rise Up Machine in a friendly atmosphere!


Program of the day

-        Contest on the Rise Up Machine,

-        Bouldering contest

-        Millet products testing

-        Viewing of the Rise Up Movie

-        Lots of prizes won

-        A buffet offered for all the participants


Everyone can participate, climb on the walls, test the brand new collection of climbing shoes or even just watch the contests!


What is the Rise up machine ?

There it is : 


La Rise Up Machine de Millet

Two challenges are possible :

-        Climb as fast as you can on the launch pad, only using your arms

-        Realise the most pull ups in a minute


Everybody played the trick, and the first records translate a high level!

All in all, it’s about 100 people that were gathered in the Deu Dit climbing gym, in a good-natured atmosphere. And who says contests also says prizes !


With a speed record of 4.65 seconds to climb on the Rise Up Machine and 35 pull ups in one minute, the next participants will have to give their best performances!


Come to try your luck and attempt to win :


-        Pairs of shoes

-        Pairs of climbing shoes

-        Crash pads

-        Rope bags

-        Tee shirts

-        Chalk bags

-        Stickers








Come to meet up our athletes

The Millet Rise Up tour is also an opportunity to meet our Millet athletes. In Barcelona, the champions Mateusz  Haladaj and Ekaitz Maiz came to advise the participants, give their opinion on the technical products, try the Rise Up challenges, and of course, have fun!

Rise Up: The Movie

And after all those physical efforts, it was time to introduce the Rise Up Movie, with the participation of Nils Favre. Whether it is in the mountains, in climbing gyms, or in the streets, climbing can be practiced in many different ways. That is all the Rise Up Spirit, that aims to help climbers, however there skills are, to always go higher.

Millet Rise Up


The Millet Rise Up Tour  dates






 April, 7th - 2016



From April 29th to May the 1st - 2016



May, 18th - 2016



June, 25th and 26th - 2016



July, 23rd - 2016


The next stop will be on april 7th at « Le Mur de Lyon », with the Millet climbers Thomas Caleyron (Tito) and Marie Da Silva!

You too, come to discover the climbing  family, test the Millet Rise Up products, try to establish new records and win the prices!