Millet Expedition Project


Check out the video of the Khuiten expedition, winner of the Millet Expedition Project 2013! Four peaks over 4000m, 800km of cycling tracks and beautiful discovering through the highlands of the Mongolian steppes ...

The winner expedition of the Millet Expedition Project 2013 presents the story of their trip through a beautiful movie.

Mount Khuiten” is the story of 4 friends, Shams, Pierre-Alain, Thibault and Thomas, who set themselves a goal: to reach Mongolia’s highest peak combining cycling, ski touring and hiking, with no assistance. Mount Khuiten (4,375m) is located in the heart of the Altaï, a mountain range shared with China, Russia and Kazakhstan.

The most western region of Mongolia is populated mainly by Kazakhs nomads. They ran away from their country in the 19th century, pushed back by the Russian empire. For over 100 years they kept their nomadic culture, living most of the time in gers and following their herds over the course of the seasons.

Their isolation allowed them to keep their ancestral traditions, eagle-hunting in particular.

The four friends combined sport performance and cultural encounters. They skied 4 peaks over 4,000m high and cycled close to 800 km in dirt roads across the high plateaus of the Mongolian steppes...

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- Mt KHUITEN - Mongolia from guerrinowski on Vimeo.