Nailé Meignan hits the heights!

Nailé Meignan strikes 2 exceptional results in one month: A second European title in a row following her world bouldering vice-champ in Youth B category!


The Chambéry-based youngster produced another stunning performance to take again the gold medal at Euopean Championships in Bruxelles only 3 weeks after reaching bouldering silver in the Youth B category (age 14-15) at the IFSC Youth World Championships, held in Moscow on 13-18 August 2018

These two performances come after the French bouldering champion title in her 14-15 year age category won in March. Quick look on these stunning results.





A successful summer for French athletes in Russia

Following on from her latest competitive outings, our young Team Millet climber did justice to her new national and continental status (she won the European Championships in September 2017) to secure her first-ever world podium finish, between Natsuki Tanii and Hana Kudo of Japan.
Having come up short in last year’s final at the same competition in Innsbruck (8th), Nailé thus reached a fresh milestone to clinch a final spot against the Japanese Tanii, and then pushed her hard. Against the favorite, our athlete performed commendably and was the only finalist to stay the pace, clearing the first two problems in four attempts, versus five for Tanii. As neither climber topped the third boulder at the first go, the title hinged on the very last problem.




Although the French girl performed creditably, topping at the fourth attempt, the Japanese managed to soak up the pressure and topped first time to thus claim the world crown.

Bruxelles, land of achievement (and confirmation)

  Our young climber continues her unstoppable rise which nothing and no one can seem to stop. She has hold with panache her title achieved in Fall 2017 by being the only athlete to top the four boulders of the final. “I was feeling really really exhausted after the World Championships in my body and also in my mind. I came to European championships with a very relaxed attitude and reached to top the 4 boulders in a row. I’m really glad to succeed again and get my second title in a raw. That’s unbelievable!”.




Well done to Nailé, whose results in her most recent competitions augur really well for the coming years and consolidate her status as a great French hope – as she sets her sights on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where climbing will make its debut as an Olympic discipline.

Text : Stéphane MAZZOLENI
Pics : Lucas Maignan - Tim Yamaliev





Podium at 2018 Youth European Championships, Bruxelles (Youth B category):


1/ Nailé Meignan (France)

2/ Julia Lotz (Austria)

3/ Betka Debevec (Slovenia)
Podium at 2018 Youth World Bouldering Championships, Moscow (Youth B category) :
1/ Natsuki Tanii (Japan)
2/ Nailé Meignan (France)
3/ Hana Kudo (Japan)