Millet Expedition Project


Discover the Millet Expedition Project website and relive the most beautiful MXP expeditions of the recent years!

Edit of 01/24:

We are pleased to share our new

Millet Expedition Project website.

Every two weeks we'll be back on the most beautiful expeditions of the recent years, supported by the MXP .

The first MXP article makes you relive the laureate MXP 2012, "El Capitan: the long haul" , through a beautiful story accompanied by the video of the expedition and impressive photos ...


The second MXP article "Under the Pole" is an extraordinary underwater polar expedition beneath the Arctic ice floe. Breathtaking!

Do you feel like leaving for expedition? To achieve new performances, to push away your limits, make your dream come true… Do you wish to develop a unique project related to sports and human experience, close from home or in a distant country, at the top of an unknown summit or in the middle of a desert?

Find the online registration on the MXP website here.

Registration until March 13