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On the Kyrgyzstan Summits with Julien Colonge

In August 2016, the brothers Pierre and Julien were travelling through Chile with the objective of climbing and skiing on 18 volcanoes in the South of the Cordillera.
A very ambitious project they have prepared with precision.
A way for them to live a wonderful experience around values such as sharing and humility. Beyond this sport one way to get in in touch with nature.
After 8 summits, on 5 September 2016, Pierre fell to death while climbing the Villarica.
He was just 20 years old, was a great skier and mountaineer. He had also understood that life is short and should be lived to the fullest, with a big smile on his face.
This trip, they have started together, Julien have decided to continue it alone. In memory of his brother and to this passion that united them.
After Chile, the Alps and Japan, it’s now in Asia that we found Julien, for 2 weeks of ski touring in Kyrgyzstan Mountains.
A first week dedicated to the discovery of Suusamyr Valley located in the center of the country.


An exceptional panorama overhanging the wild valley situated between 2200 and 2700 meters filled of yurts on summertime and almost deserted on winter. Peaks around reaching more than 4000 meters.




Scene change for the second week, spent in the Uzbek village of Arslanbob in the Southwest of the country. Here, locals try to develop ski touring since 10 years through the Community Based Tourism. A good way to share trekking with them and to leave the village skis on the back.

A huge thank you to Julien for his story and this stunning postcard, here on the top of Marmot Hill, with an incredible view of Babah-Ata massif.


Next step:  Iceland ! Can’t wait for the next episode ! #senditforPierre