Performances in Nepal this autumn

While the GMHM is finishing his acclimatization down the Annapurna I South Face , Yannick Graziani and Patrick Wagnon are waiting at the C1 with the 7th highest world peak as objective: the Dhaulagiri.

The himalayan moutain range is currently at the center of all the desires. Just back from Gasherbrum I, Yannick Graziani has already left to the Dhaulagiri, the seventh highest peak of the world. Nothing can stop him ! With his friend Patrick Wagnon, they want to beat the South West Face, in alpin style, as usual!

dhaulagiri, yannick graziani, nepal

Yannick and Patrick

After some round trips in between 4000 and 5000 meters above sea level in a rainy six days trek, Yannick and Patrick has found where their 2 base camps (BC and ABC) we’ll be installed. Unfortunately, the bad weather has sometimes an impact on their mental, but those two never let go anything. Yesterday, the September 23rd they’ve been until 5200 meters above sea level to discover the route, which is apparently incredibly steep.

dhaulagiri, annapurna, yannick graziani, gmhm



In the meantime, the GMHM is there too but with the goal to reach the Annapurna I.

annapurna, dhaulagiri, gmhm, yannick graziani, nepal, expedition, 2015


GMHM doing the Puja's Ceremony


They are finishing their acclimatization. They participated to the the Puja’s ceremony at their base camp, before struggle to find a good way and a correct place to install there advanced base camp. Lots of round trips have been necessary, between hazardous ground that forced them to turn back and start again the next day, and the days passed to carry their items until their advanced base camp. It’s thanks to an awesome mental and an incredible perseverance that the GMHM members climbed this high, and really soon start the ascent of the Annapurna’s I South Face.

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