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The 2016 Pierra Menta Feedbacks

The Pierra Menta is the reference about international competitions of ski mountaineering for more than 30 years. With its Beaufortin sceneries (Savoie, France), this race have made generations dream. This year, once again, all the conditions were gathered to promise 4 days of intense competition and nice podiums!

The Pierra Menta is part of the « Grande Course » and when you talk about ski mountaineering, this race is a reference. 210 teams have participated to the competition during 4 days, from the 9th to the 12th of March 2016. Concerning the route, the starting and the finishing lines were based in the Areches beaufort village and the trails were crossing the most prominent summits of the region, which imposed more than 10.000 meters of positive and negative elevation change.

Supported by a large public, our Millet athletes took part of the competition, showing promising results! 

La Pierra Menta et son Public
A warm public came to support the athletes
La Pierra Menta et ses paysages idylliques
In an outstanding context




Claudia Galicia has participated to the race for the first time in 2015, and finished 4th. This year, she joined her forces with Mireira Miro, who won three times the competiton. The duo (which is part of the FEDME - Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing sports- )finished at 2nd position of this emblematic competition of ski mountaineering

The team has been strategic having a good regulation of their efforts to make sure to have a good position on the podium of this competition made in steps: “We are really satisfied and we have reached the best result we could have. We enjoyed 4 days of pure mountain and even if it was hard, the experience is awesome. As a team Mireira and I are on the same wavelength. It’s my first podium in a Pierra Menta, and to be honest it’s a dream that became true” said Claudia Galicia. Same comments for Mireira: “Pierra Menta went really good for us, we felt well and stronger each day. We were very lucky about the weather and snow conditions and maybe it's the most beautiful and longer Pierra Menta I've done until the moment. It was the first time I did a race with Claudia and we understood very well with each other. Its always a pleasure to be racing in Pierra Menta, the ambiance is unique and I hope to be back there next year !” 

Mireira Miro et Claudia Galicia de la FEDME


On Wednesday, the first step of the competition as been done on a route with 2584 meter of positive elevation change. The sun was present and the snow conditions were right but it was cold, with temperatures reaching -20°C at 2000m of altitude. Clàudia Galicia and Mireia Miró wanted to realize the best time as possible, but they were conscious that they had to preserve their forces for the next steps. They cross the finish line second, just twelve minute after the winners Axelle Mollaret and Laëtitia Roux who had dominated the full competition. Clàudia Galicia and Mireia Miró maintained though their efforts, to reach the third position on day 2, and once again the second position on days 3 and 4 to be 2nd at the final rank, which has been completed by the Italian duo Martina Valmassoi and Katia Tomatis.

Always at the spanish side, but for the men this time, we wish to underscore the performance of the Cardona Brothers, who reach the ninth position of the global rank.




For Sophie Mollard, it was a first on the senior category. She already participated to the Pierra Menta but as a Junior, and she finished on the first position in 2013-2014.


The twenty years old was in team with her good friend Caroline Joguet, and together they reach the twelfth position of the global rank: “it was my first Pierra Menta Senior, and it changes a lot with the Junior route! But as a first, I am satisfied, we had a really good weather and awesome snow conditions! Our main objective was to finish the race, and despite the difficulty, we enjoyed a lot!”





Regarding Simon Bellabouvier, who started to practice ski mountaineering in 2011, he realised his fourth Pierra Menta in Junior category with Samuel Equy.

For them, the competition was synonym with Victory! They are on the first step of the general podium for their last year in Junior Men category.


All the results here





Once again, congratulations for all of them, who surpass themselves for those 4 outstanding days of ski mountaineering!

Sophie Mollard et Caroline Joguet à la Pierra Menta