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Rise Up Tour: A stop in Croatia

Millet goes in Tour around Europe in Climbing Gyms, with its athletes, and gives you the possibility to test our climbing products! This time, the rise up tour took place in Croatia.

After the first two steps in Barcelona and Lyon, the rise up Van parked in Croatia, for a first outdoor step, in the Paklenica national park.


This National Park organized the 17th edition of a mythic climbers meeting. 

Millet was partner of this event for the first time. So we have been there with a booth to present the products Roc Session, the Rise Up Machine in order to organize some challenges and a lot of climbing shoes to test for free !


The place was a real paradise for climbers, in the middle of the cliffs of the National Park.

From the 29th of april to the first of may, there was a fully program, with the Millet Rise Up Speed Climbing competition wich consisted to climb:


-      180 meters on a cliff with a 6c+ cotation

-      110 meters for women with a 6a+ cotation


But it was’nt the only test. The Paklenica Trail International 2016, a climbing marathon and a climbing movie festival were parts of the event! 


the rise up van at Paklenica

Antoine Bletton has participated to the competition and he took the first place of the Millet Rise Up Speed Climbing with his teammate Igor Corko. Together they have climbed 180 meters in 18minutes and 10 seconds. The speed record established at Lyon by Thomas caleyron on the Rise Up MAchine in just 3 seconds as been pulverized in 2’29! However, the pull ups record still undefeated, with 37 pull ups per minute.

First step in cliffs
First step in cliffs
Igor Corko & Antoine Bletton
Igor Corsko and Antoine Bletton


During all the week end, participants had the chance to try for free our climbing shoes from the new collection, and chalk bags and tee shirts has been offered to the bests climbers.
The event has been interrupted earlier than expected because of stormy weather conditions, but it did not take off the pleasure of all the people that came to participate or just admire those impressive performances.

Next stop the 18th of mai, in belgium ! You too, come to test the Millet climbing apparel, enjoy good moments and try to beat the records!

The Rise Up Spirit: always try to go higher!