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Skiing, skiing and skiing

Marion Poitevin shares about her prep for the… ski instructor course! Our mountaineer Marion is well on her way to combine the abilities of high mountain guide and ski instructor.

“This year I think I turned into a skier! No, my bum hasn’t doubled in size yet, but now I can make turns on both sides.

I’ve signed up for the technical evaluation of the ski instructor certification at the end of January. It’s a ski slalom exercise. Which is a big challenge for me since I never practiced ski in a club before last year.

I’ve always owned skis that were bought in skis fairs and later I had touring skis. Which is far from ideal to practice my edge canting. So, I’ve given myself the means to fulfill my ambitions. I’ve started skiing in Tignes in mid-October with a specific physical prep and then, piste skiing almost on a daily basis until the test happened (24th of December and 1st of January included). I’ve passed my test by a tenth of a second!



There’s currently two women attending the high mountain guide course AND the ski instructor course. As far as I know, there’s only one woman that is high mountain guide AND ski instructor in France. Happily enough, I’m quite at ease in giant. Yet, I shouldn’t take anything for granted. To be continued next year with the 2nd important test of the course: giant slalom.

After this I was able to enjoy some cool powder days in the Brévent, Flégère and also some great ski touring routes with my girlfriends at the EMHM.

Here’s the video of Aiguille de Varan’s “Barmerousse valley” itinerary:

Good times !”