Spanish spring for Mateusz Haladaj.

Mateusz Haladaj, Millet Technical advisor is a polish climber, passionate of climbing and architect in everyday life. But look out! Mateusz is not a beginner; he already climbed nine route of 9a. And as each spring, Mateusz goes to Catalonia in the Santa Linya cave but this time we went to Oliana, “another world famous destination”. He tells us.

“For a couple of years I’ve been fascinated by Spanish crags and managed to climb there frequently. This spring was not an exception.

We went to Catalonia with some friends hoping to find the best conditions and the best possible climbing – as always. Lastly I were concentrating on the hard routes in a steep cave of Santa Linya, this time however, I wanted to discover something new. Oliana is another world famous destination, where I found my new project – a 50 meters of slight overhang without any good rest…

Finally after about six weeks of work I did not manage to accomplish my new 9a+ goal.  I would need to come back later this year, when the temperatures will drop. As the warm days were approaching there was no point in staying, crimps of Contrafort de rumbau are really shallow and require excellent friction.

During the last month of the trip we mostly visited new areas and climbed on sight. In three weeks I managed to repeat 20 routes graded 8a OS and harder, which was a relaxing experience after putting so much effort in one hard project.

The full list of ascents and gallery you may see here:,6609,wpis.html