Limited artist series

When art meets mountains.

One year ago, Millet asked artists Angèle Guerre and Fernando Elvira to express their creativity when designing exclusive prints on some t-shirts for men and women.
Discover how the collaboration turns out, as well as Angèle’s and Fernando’s artistic world.

Edition limitee t-shirt imprimésEdition limitee t-shirt imprimés



Fascinated and inspired by mountains, French artist Angèle takes little pieces of reality and recreates an outstanding artistic world.
Her surreal mountains open new perspectives and change our horizon.

Millet: Which techniques do you use most often to make your artworks (paper scratching, ink drawing, etchings…)?
Angèle Guerre: I take a lengthy, meditative approach to drawing, which means I’m able to compose very dynamic spaces. The restlessness takes shape from slow movements.
This slowness dictates which tools I use: mechanical pencil, incisions with a scalpel, a calligraphy quill or felt tip, types of etching... The impressions they make are tiny, and this has an impact on the work.
The materials I generally work with are therefore simple and untreated – such as paper, leather and glass.
I mostly use manual craft techniques, but I also sometimes have recourse to technology: laser cutting for metal, and UV printing on glass and plexiglass.

Edition limitee t-shirt imprimés
Edition limitee t-shirt imprimés

M: Which technique did you use for the tee-shirt graphics in the collaboration?
A.G: The illustration I did for this tee-shirt is actually two ink drawings, which I scanned and then merged.

M: In the shapes and volumes of your creations, one senses there are inspirations that come from the mountains. Where exactly do these inspirations come from?
A.G: When I construct a drawing, it’s in order to build something that’s akin to a virgin natural landscape, which could be tranquil or tormented.
I’m fascinated by pictures and stories of the high mountains, which are so pristine and dizzying. Or the great faults in the earth’s crust, like the San Andreas Fault for example. What inspires me in these topographies is their force and brutality as much as their fragilities.
I often compare drawing to walking: you don’t need many tools, but what you do need is time. Because whatever happens, it takes time for me to do a drawing, and this time isn’t just precious, it’s necessary. It’s geological time. It’s the time the world needed to fashion itself. Obviously, that is no longer the case, and it’s worrying. Today acceleration is everywhere, it’s omnipotent. And so, drawing remains as a statement in reaction to that – it’s a reproduction of an ancient kind of expression. My drawings can be perceived in relation to the living world. Close up, the subject is fragmentary, a microscopic proliferation, with a hint of complexity. Viewed from further away, it’s a unified whole, a coherent and organically structured ensemble.

M: What’s your appraisal of this collaboration? Are you satisfied with the result?
A.G: It was the first time that I’d collaborated with a brand, and I’m very happy that it was a brand specializing in the high mountains such as Millet.
It fits really well with my artistic practice, and it was a natural process. I’m very happy with the result.
It’s a wonderful experience to see your work printed and worn. The drawings come to life!

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Edition limitee t-shirt imprimésEdition limitee t-shirt imprimés



Polarised by nature, travels and friendship, Fernando Elvira is simply a full time creative artist. Empowered by his surroundings, he finds inspiration in experiences and meeting people. His artwork is a diary of his life.

Millet: How did you start working on exclusive Millet t-shirt prints?
Fernando Elvira: I got an e-mail from Nicolas Thomas, Millet product manager in charge of creative collaborations. He knew my work from his skateboarding years. It was a nice surprise to me to be asked to design some t-shirts for a mountain clothing company.

M: What were your inspirations for these artworks?
Fernando Elvira: Yes, spending time alone in the mountains is a great source of inspiration. I live in a small village in the Spanish basque country and I get to go pretty much daily up the mountain. Solitude in nature equals inspiration… And when inspiration meets free time, the result is creativity.

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Edition limitee t-shirt imprimés
Edition limitee t-shirt imprimés