82-4000 Solidarity is an association that promotes the access to the mountain sports for youth, adults and even families from disadvantaged backgrounds and who can’t pay mountaineering equipment or mountain guide, for example. Their goal is to reach 82 peaks over 4000 meters. These great adventures still make beautiful memories and open minded to the mountain beauties ... And the association needs you!

The last internship was part of a professional integration project, initiated by the Rhône Prefecture, which aimed to give young people willingness to do efforts and then promote their integration into local corporate partners. 7 young people of the ZSP de la Duchère (Priority Security Zone) in real difficulty of professional insertion have been –from the 19th to the 28th of June 2015- climbing the Aiguille Du Tour.

association 824000

Cécile Thomas, guide at the Chamonix Guide Company and volunteer for 82-4000 Solidarity testifies: “It's a real challenge to propose young people to overpass their abilities. Sure, this experience will refer in their own lives ... and their own CV! During the internship young people and supervisors created a very positive synergy. We had two young of the Excellence CAF group (Alpine French Club with us) , Camille and Vincent; Jean-Marie, a mountain lover , Denis and Cécile , guides at the Chamonix Guide Company, an educator and Roland, one of the creator of the association, a keen mountaineer as well. The atmosphere was friendly but very serious. The young people were happy to discover this environment and were involved until the end. They liked the atmosphere, discovering new things, the sunrise’s colors, but they disliked getting up at 3am ! (However, they never complained). A comment of my climbing partner: "Madam, I love you when you're not moving " ... as we were roped together, of course!”

association 824000

The next mountain stay is unusual: 7 young adults, who come from one of the poorest area of Saint-Etienne and from a gypsy camp, who have already been on the mountains with the Association, decided to reach a peak more over 4000 meters high. They dream about climbing the Breithorn or the Allalinhorn, in the Swiss Vallais. The autonomy in the mountains is the goal of this internship. Indeed, if they have the desire of reaching a 4000 meters peak with their own willingness testifies a that they are engaged morally and physical. When you reach a top it’s the first tape of many others. The team is proud to help this group to rise even higher.

association 824000

Photos: Cécile Thomas / 06 87 96 32 81